Glad to know you!

Hi, I’m Liz. I am a Cleveland-based writer, digital content creator and marketer with a print and online journalism background. I enjoy cooking, hiking, playing with my dog and watching baseball. I’m currently pivoting a bit in my career, focusing writing for business and diving into the world of insurance, databases and RFPs.

Cleveland skyline. March 2022.
(Photo by E. Lundblad)

Sedona, Arizona. October 2021.
(Photo by E. Lundblad)


Want to know more about my career trajectory? From newspaper reporter in central Indiana, to proposal specialist at one of Ohio’s largest insurance companies, see the roles that shaped my professional self.

Blond dog with ball. November 2019.
(Photo by E. Lundblad)


This is my dog, Gal. She is 100% good at the first half of fetch. That second half…we’re workshopping it. But you can check out some of my accomplishments if you want?
I’m still learning. Expect additions.

Rock House at Hocking Hills. March 2022.
(Photo by E. Lundblad)


Does “networking” gives you hives? Same. Drop me a safe virtual “Hello” via LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram. I’m a casual user of social media, mostly sharing too many pictures of my dog and what’s on my plate.